1515 restaurant - 1515 in walnut creek overcharged my credit card and won't pay for fees

San Francisco, California 5 comments

I use to go to 1515 for drinks.One day they put another person's tab on my account.

The amount was more than 100.00 and it caused my account to go over limit. I brought this to their attention and they admitted fault. It took them over a week to correct their error and when I showed them the fees that happened due to their error they said they wouldn't pay for the fees nor did they apologize. All I wanted them to do was correct their mistake.

They were very rude and made me feel as if I was the one who messed up.


Denver, Colorado, United States #805883

Since the complainer lives in San Francisco, I am assuming they mean the 1515 restaurant in Walnut Creek and NOT the restaurant in Denver, as it appears here.


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Walpole, New Hampshire, United States #21328

Drink about 6 beers, go there an *** all their bathroom. You won't get your money back but it'll humble their uppity ***.

Clay City, Kentucky, United States #18906

hi, yes, if you want to do something about being overcharged by 1515 then contact me at eastbaylawyerguy@gmail.com

Clay City, Kentucky, United States #18905

I'd really like to speak to the person who was overcharged at 1515. I had a similar experience and i would like to do something about it. How can I get a hold of you?

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